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Why I'm Running

We all know Washington is broken. But while politicians are up there playing partisan games and working on their reelection, out here in America, back here in Tennessee, we have some real problems.

Our economy isn’t working for too many people who work hard but can’t get ahead, and haven’t been able to for many years now. Too many people can’t afford health insurance. The Affordable Care Act needs fixing. The opioid crisis kills more Tennesseans every year than auto accidents. When it comes to finances, Congress has lost its way — it’s immoral the way they keep borrowing money, with no end in sight, and a sad legacy for our children and our grandchildren.

It’s a mess, but it can be fixed. I’m running for the Senate because I have the right kind of experience — and the actual track record — that it will take to start working across party lines to fix the mess in Washington and bring common sense back to our government.

Before I ran for office, I was a businessman. I was the CEO of a successful public company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, one that I started on my kitchen table and grew to 6,000 employees. Later, I was a successful Mayor. Lots of new jobs, a revitalized downtown, the Nashville Predators, the Tennessee Titans.

When I was sworn in as Governor, TennCare was out of control and our bond rating was headed South. And then we had the meltdown of the Great Recession. With a lot of hard choices, we managed our way through all of that — without an income tax and without raising the sales tax. And we didn’t just get through it, we prospered. We put new money in education — especially in teacher’s salaries. We brought in new jobs and investment. Our rainy-day fund hit new highs and we achieved a triple A bond rating — the best there is.

There’s no reason Congress and the President can’t do the same thing. I love the people of our state of Tennessee. We need and deserve something better than we’re getting from Washington. And we need and deserve a Senator who can make that happen.

I’m applying for the job.

- Phil Bredesen